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To Do

  • scroll bars
  • calculationg getPreferredDimension of DrawArea, depending on bounds of all figures
  • Quit Menu
  • check for unique StartFlowlet names
  • toggle state of DecisionFlowlets with listeners
  • check errors in DecisionFlowlet like missing or more than one DecisionConnections with the same state
  • dragging all selected figures

Bug List

Future plans

  • in properties-panel: popup menu for known TaskFlowlets

Release notes

0.5.1 New nice.jar in src distrib # sample name changed # optimization in nice code
0.5 Bugfix: TemplateFlowlet was not saved # Dictionary interface of Flowlet changed from Map to FlowDictionary # FlowServlet implemented; see also new samples # JumpFlowlet, CallFlowlet and JoinFlowlet implemented # Bugfix: Delete in properties deleted the flowlet
0.4.5 Bugfix: handles invisible while dragging flowlet # Bugfix: deleting conected flowlet after opening flow does not delete connection # Bugfix: after opening a flow requestFocus() did not work in DrawArea # Bugfix: Connectors are shown on MouseRelease
0.4.4 Many errors are shown if menu is activated # EndFlowlet is new # Implemented DecisionFlowlet with BeanShell # more examples # BeanShell is included in runtime.jar # TemplateFlowlet implemented
0.4.3 Usage of the Kopi compiler instead of InstantJ. # New Flow menu # possibility to show flow errors # Save process checks for errors # changes license to GPL beacuse of the Kopi license # bugfix in property loader
0.4.2 Complete redesign of build.xml # created build.bat # created samples # FlowMgr.getTaskInstance() gets the fully-qualified-classname instead of the Class itself. Endless loop occured when the name of a flow was the same as the name of a TaskFlowlet. # Changed the Name NiceDesigner to FlowDesigner # From now on three files will be distributed: designer.jar runtime.jar all.tarball # Properties can be set in a TaskFlowlet
0.4.1 Fixed Bug in inserting an EllbowHandle in a connection, causerd an endless loop. # Preferred size of the DrawArea is larger now. # Clicking in the DrawArea correctly shows and hides the PropertiesPanel.
0.4 The designer is completely rewritten in Nice. Thus the integration in JHotDraw ended. Some flowlets are still missing, but will follow soon. saving a flow creates a jar file with the compiled bytecode of the flow. Web-app integration ist not tested yet.

  v0.5.1 released
minor changes

v0.5 released
FlowServlet implemented
Flowlet interface changed
new Flowlets: Call, Jump, Join

v0.4.5 released
Bugfix release

v0.4.4 released
EndFlowlet introduced.
DecisionFlowlet implemented.
TemplateFlowlet implemented.

v0.4.3 released
Using Kopi compiler instead of InstantJ.
Checking some Flow errors.

v0.4.2 released
TaskFlowlet properties implemented
Ant buildfile redesigned. Avaliable for windows too.
many samples!

v0.4.1 released
Bugfixes and designer improvements.

v0.4 released
Designer is written in Nice. Compiles the flow while saving in jar file.
Missing Flowlets will follow soon.

Designer relaunch
The Designer will be completely rewritten without JHotDraw. The saved flow format will change!!!