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Flow4J is downloadable from the sourceforge download page in three formats

Executable jar file contains all classes for the execution of the designer GUI.
Contains only classes needed by the runtime environment. say, if you embed Flow4J in an application or web application, and want to start flows.
Tarball contains all sources and libraries needed for bildung the Flow4J distribution from scratch.

You can also register to be notified if a new version is released.


To run the FlowDesigner, jre 1.4.x is required.

Installation notes

All distributed classes are compiled with jdk 1.4.1_01. Runtime errors could occur if you run the distributed jar. In this case run the ant script in the tarball to rebuild all classes:
  ./build.sh dist

Type only

to get a list of all avaliable ant tasks.

  v0.5.1 released
minor changes

v0.5 released
FlowServlet implemented
Flowlet interface changed
new Flowlets: Call, Jump, Join

v0.4.5 released
Bugfix release

v0.4.4 released
EndFlowlet introduced.
DecisionFlowlet implemented.
TemplateFlowlet implemented.

v0.4.3 released
Using Kopi compiler instead of InstantJ.
Checking some Flow errors.

v0.4.2 released
TaskFlowlet properties implemented
Ant buildfile redesigned. Avaliable for windows too.
many samples!

v0.4.1 released
Bugfixes and designer improvements.

v0.4 released
Designer is written in Nice. Compiles the flow while saving in jar file.
Missing Flowlets will follow soon.

Designer relaunch
The Designer will be completely rewritten without JHotDraw. The saved flow format will change!!!